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Enable direct booking to get hassle free bookings anytime. Verify your Bank Account and activate your Direct Booking and payments.
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Make use of our secured payment and let your clients pay their rent online. No more collection hassle. Use our secure app.
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Our customer support team is looking forward to assist you, you can get in touch with us through our contact page
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Setup your contract terms online once and we will send the contract details once a booking is made. The client will review your terms and agree before they make booking

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Our best practices guideline

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Step 1

Login or create an account,verify your phone number and Post an ad with us. Listing your ad with us is free and will be.
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Step 2

Write meaningful description with HD images, better image quality will help you get more leads. So pay special attention.
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Step 3

Respond quickly to increase your booking. Atleast 50% of the clients prefer to choose and rent from their early point of contact.
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Step 4

Book your client on the listing tab and start managing your listing like a Pro. Send auto invoices and collect monthly rent online.

Find And Rent Out Entire Place With RoomDaddy

We offer monthly pay, ready to move in,proeprties only. Whether be it your stduio, Penthouse or a Villa, you can offer it all.

Vacation homes has had a phenomenal growth since the past decade and have appeared as the fastest growing industry segment within hospitality. According to a research in the UAE, property owners who opted to rent as vacation rental compared to a fix annual contract earned 30% more net income.

We help you maximise your yeild by providing Extended Stay home seekers clientle. So you can use a wider product basket on varying seasonlity.

We encourage you to utilize our customized monthly and extended stay platform and make the best out of your proeprty. There are enormous benefits of using our technology and some of these are listed below.

  • Pay only when you get booked
  • Quick share your property on Social media or elsewhere
  • Super easy and detailed information to profile your property
  • Post booking Client Management.
  • Payment collection
  • In app notifications
  • Part of global marketplace
  • Huge audience to see your property
  • Re-listing with a single click
  • Backtrack agreement details
  • Paperless Payment slips and confirmation receipts to your clients
  • On the go mobile app to help you manage your listing