Where Can I find Cheap Rooms for Rent in Dubai?

Living in Dubai for expats can be an exciting experience.  Dubai is a multinational country with a flourishing economy, low to zero crime rate, tax-free products, and services. Life is luxurious and flashier than New York and London. Party-lovers never get bored in Dubai, where the night skies are always blue and dazzling lights never turn off. The wide array of accommodation on rent in Dubai is fantastic. However, to enjoy living in Dubai, you must search for affordable accommodation, especially a room, because it is wise to save on rent when there are so many exciting things worth your cash!

Renting a Room in Dubai

When you search for the most cost-effective option for living in Dubai, you will find it best to rent a room. Yes, rooms are available for rent for single men and women. A little search can help you find one or more pleasant roommates in shared accommodation. Sharing a room between three or more is the most affordable option. In many places in Dubai, such rooms are available at unbelievably low rent. A little online search and word of mouth can help you find a lovely room for yourself.

You can search for a room that only two people share. Finding a wonderful roommate of your choice may require a little extensive search. This choice of a rental will be slightly higher than a room shared by three or more. But the whole matter comes down to your preference and satisfaction in the end.

You can rent an entire room while sharing the apartment or the home with another co-sharer. Many students in their higher level of education, vacationers, tourists, and employees search for a room to rent. Naturally, the rent of a room only for you would be higher in rent than a shared room. However, if you have a hectic schedule, such as writing your thesis or prioritizing your privacy, you would love to have a whole room for yourself.

Finding a room for rent can be a little challenging but not for those who have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances in Dubai or know how to search online for a room to rent extensively.

A little note is worth mentioning here that the rent of a room may or may not include food but include facilities like electricity, gas, internet, and water. In some rare cases, a little extra cash is charged for the Wi-Fi connection separately. The rent for co-living includes bills and starts from 1200 AED up to 5000 AED depending on amenities, number of roommates, and the room location.

You can easily find a decent and reasonable room with low rent in any part of Dubai. Just specify your search by adding ‘furnished’ or ‘unfurnished’ to your search.

Why Monthly Payment Option is Better

You can find a room for rent after a bit of search. Then, if all conditions are suitable, like an understanding roommate, closeness to your required destinations, and room facilities, you can agree on the type of payment option. Often the Rent is paid for a year in advance, tri-monthly, or monthly. Monthly payments are the most convenient option for expats because it is budget-friendly. Additionally, you have the flexibility of relocating on short notice to your roommate or co-sharer.  So, paying a small amount every month is convenient than paying a hefty amount once a year or even trimonthly. When you look for a room for rent, focus on how often you will have to pay the rent. It would be better that you negotiate on monthly payment. It will keep you free of the burden of paying a lump sum of cash. Whether you have a part-time job or working full-time, enjoy the freedom of relocating and ease of rent payment by paying your rent monthly.

coliving rooms in dubai

What Helps You with Cost

Renting a room helps you with the cost especially when you choose co-living. Living away from your family in a new place with understanding, pleasant personalities is warm and soothing. Life becomes more exciting and comfortable.

 It is a fact that spending less on accommodation is the key concern of most single expats in Dubai. Although accommodations surpass the demand in Dubai, renting a whole apartment or villa may still be too costly for many individuals. Hence, it is wiser for you to search for rooms on rent for saving on the of living.

It is not only the rent that comes down in a co-living accommodation, but you also save on utility bills. You live in a shared room with one or two roommates. The expenses of electricity, internet, and gas will be an equal responsibility of you all. You can imagine how cheap it can be.

Living close to your office or university can be another considerable perk of co-living. If you find a co-living option near your work or institution, you will save on commuting every day. Although the petrol price or the fair of metro and other public transports is not very high, you save a considerable amount every month if you walk or ride a short distance every day.

Top Locations to Rent a Room in Dubai

Dubai has a fantastic variety of accommodations to rent. If you are looking for rooms, there is a wide choice of rental rooms. Many places in Dubai offer cost-effective rooms for rent for sharing or for living alone. The selection of the area depends on your budget and closeness to your workplace or university.

Students can find a furnished room to share with another student in the vicinity of their university. Even if they are a little distant from their university, they can share a ride to and from the university and save some cash. So, if you are a student, focus on finding an affordable shared room to rent with a student from the same institution.

For you are a job hunter or an employed individual, living in a place close to a metro station is more convenient. So, while searching for a room to rent, check the nearest metro station, too.

For tourists and visitors, renting affordable rooms is beneficial when you can live in a place that helps you touring around and exploring interesting spots in Dubai.

Some places to rent a room are Al Rigga, Rashidiya, Sport City, al-Qouz, Deira Clock Tower Area, Al Nahda, Al Karama & Al Qusais area, Al Barsha, Bur Dubai, Tecom, al Qusais, JBR Beach, for example!

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