Simple ways to Photograph an accommodation for an Ad

Are you planning to rent your room or apartment for co-living? First things first, take eye-catching photos of the whole area before your ad goes live. Renters always consider photos when they browse for a property to rent. So, take stunning photographs of the room or apartment from different angles and include them with your ad. This will add to your credibility as a host. All you need for this purpose is a smartphone with good camera. You need to follow a few simple tips when you take the pictures to display positive features of your property to the potential tenants.

Clean the place and add decoration

First of all, clean the space and tidy it in a way that looks highly aesthetic. Clear all the clutter and make the bed. Add some decorative elements, like a vase and an open laptop on the coffee/ study table. Stack a few books on the corner rack or side table. Adorn the empty shelves or dressers with decorative pieces, trinkets, little indoor plant pots, and artistically crafted pottery like mugs.

Always make the bed for photos

The bed is one of the most important features of the room, so make sure to set up the bed properly with clean, light colored/ white sheets, Duvet, pillows and add a few cushions. This will change the outlook of the whole room.

Focus on all areas

In co-living, shared areas hold a lot of importance for the tenants so Make sure that the photographs of your property should show all the features that your potential renters are considering or evaluating while choosing their new home such as the balcony, the bathroom, the kitchen, living-room, gym etc. This will help the tenants make their final decisions.

Several photos from different angles

Take photos of one place from different angles, significant spaces with many features like the bathroom.  So, stand in the corner and take photo to cover area as much you can. Try and take picture from all corners of the room but choose the best one or two for the Ad.

Take a wider more complete shot

When you take a picture, include in it a complete scene of the place. For example, while taking the kitchen photo, focus on the area’s essential features, such as the countertop, stove, cabinets, sink, and backsplash. Do not zoom in on one element because the viewer will miss the broader picture of the kitchen. Like-wise when you take a photo of the room, do not just include the bed, show this that are around the bed so that the tenant gets an idea about the placement of the furniture and size of the room.

Take pictures in good light

Light and reflections help you take great photos. With bright daylight, the room appears full of life and attractive. You can turn on the lamps in the room to add more details and life to the photos. Draw the curtains, so the room appears larger and brighter.

Although bright sunny days are the best time for taking photos, do not let the daylight ruin the images with a sharp glare. Direct sunlight on shiny surfaces creates reflection, which often spoils the images. So, make sure the light is brightening the room and not washing out the natural colors and surface features of the furniture and accessories.

Balance the photos

Your photos must contain the best composition of the features a room or kitchen has. For this, you can use the grid on the camera. These grid lines help you take balanced photos with the best perspective. Align the focal point and take exciting and eye-catching images.

Keep the images real

While editing the photos for posting online, you may do some edits where necessary. But try not to filter or overexpose the images as the viewers will be suspicious. Over editing can make the image look unreal.


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