10 Tips on How to set up an attractive room for rent

Beauty and aesthetics have no end. You can expand your ideas and be creative in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a place. For this, the size, shape, and features of a room do not matter. What matters is your decorated space wins the heart of your guests.

Incorporating a few ideas to improve fundamental features can create a vibe that everyone loves. Here are some top tips on how to create an attractive space for your guests.

1. Comfortable Bed

Overlay the bed with a clean mattress and add some throw pillows. When the bed reflects comfort, there is every reason why your guest loves to stay and even extend their stay. Make sure that the pillows, cushions, and mattress are firm and plump to look inviting.

2. Nice-Looking Bed Sheets

Choose white or plain sheets in a soft color matching the room environment because soft and light colors create soothing effects and reflects cleanliness. So, do not go for colorful and bold patterned bed sheets as they do not appeal to every guest. So, the attraction of the bed depends on its comfortable looks and eye-soothing style. Soft pink, lemon green, off-white, light blue, and off-gray are popular color shades that do not repel any gaze. Soft hues touch the hearts.

3. Pleasant Smells Awake Positive Feelings

Spray scented pillow mist because it is the easiest way to keep the bed smelling fresh. Also, you can revamp the indoor air with scented candles. The soft and light perfume spreading in a room keeps it refreshed. Also, place an air freshener in the room.

4. Create Soft Light in the Room

Get a small bedside lamp that is always a piece of décor,whether it is on or off. The soft, dim light spreading in a room at night is captivating and can put anyone’s nerves at rest. Avoid getting a very bright or big lamp as it will impact negatively on the room environment.

5. Add Natural Elements to the Room

Flowers are your first choice when it comes to adding natural elements to the room because they blow a new life into the room. Who would say “No” to some evergreen, refreshing plants in their bedroom? You can get a couple of small pots with indoor plants to overhaul the whole interior. Indoor plants give a perfect visual appeal even if they do not bear flowers. You can place them on a windowsill or in a corner.

6. Spread the Softness

Spreading a soft rug on the floor is another great addition to the senses of touch. It feels great to take off shoes after a tiring day and step on a soft rug. Your guests would admire the room with a rug. So, do not miss to consider one!

7. Make it Easy to Style Everyday

A dressing table with mirror in the room is the perfect way to get in style effortlessly but there are substitutes to it if a dressing table is not possible or too big for a small room.

You can install a large decent mirror on the wall. Not only it will create an illusion of a spacious room but also make it super easy to get in style every day. For instant styling, it is always a great idea to put on a top or a scarf or take a handbag with you. These things should be handy anytime. Providing door-mounted hooks is a hassle-free way to keep these objects easily accessible at the time of need especially during rush hours.

8. Add Some Toiletries

Add a clean towel, toilet papers, shampoo, soap, air freshener, and a couple of other essentials to the attached bathroom. Because these essentials add to your guest’s convenience.

9. A Pair of Slippers

Add a pair of new room slippers to complement the practical features. Finding slippers around add to the homely feeling.

10. A Couch and a Coffee table

Keeping a modern couch and coffee table in a co-living space prepares the room as a perfect place for amiable gatherings.  The house-mates can enjoy a cup of tea together and unwind.

The above tips can transform your room into a perfect space where everyone would feel at home and live happily with other roommates. It’s surprising, how a few small things and gestures bring a space to life and make people feel attached to the space instantly.

Source: roomdaddy.com

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