10 Tips On Being Good Housemate

If you like the sense of community and the company of different interesting personalities, consider co-living. This style of living offers a unique community living experience while keeping your privacy intact. Also, it is highly convenient as you can find all the amenities and furniture already in place when you settle. The presence of other occupants adds a feel of home, and you do not feel like a stranger in the new place. Here are some simple tips on making your living fantastic and comfortable, especially if it’s your first-time experience.

1- Exchange contact information and stay connected

People living in one place should be in touch with one another. So, swap contact information, and it would be great if you create a WhatsApp group or add your number to an already existing group. You never know when contacting others becomes immensely important. For convenient living, coordination between all residing individuals is essential.

2- Initiate knowing your housemates

Make a start of getting to know one another when you settle in the new place. Your roommate is the closest person to you. So, finding common grounds and areas of interest will help you feel more comfortable and welcome in the new place. Positive interaction brings up warmer community feelings. You may find several things you both are interested in. Hence, going out together to a social event or playing chess after dinner would be an excellent option.

3- Agree on the use of shared amenities

All tenants commonly use many amenities. For example, you and your roommate use the same bathroom. All share the living room, and also the parking. Agree on how long and when you will use the bathroom and make schedules, especially for showers. Prolonged bathroom use could cause a lot of inconvenience for your room mates.

4- Balance the Responsibilities

Roommates living in the same room or many occupants using the same kitchen need to pay attention to their responsibilities. For example, how and when you and your roommate will clean the room, always leave the kitchen and its equipment clean post use, maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bathrooms as well. Also, discuss and set home maintenance assignments. Be flexible and understanding so that you all enjoy a cooperative environment.

5- Discuss options of hosting your guests and visitors

You, as well as your roommate, can receive guests. This should be an amicably settled matter. So, please discuss with your roommate their limits regarding that and what they expect you to do when some guests come to visit. Setting limits beforehand is an excellent way to stay safe from troubles. In addition, you can improve positive social behavior by ensuring your guests never become a source of annoyance for your roommate.

6- Ask before keeping a pet

If you are a pet lover, check with your roommate/housemate first before bringing in one. Not everyone feels comfortable with a furry fellow around. Also, minor amendments in the room are necessary when you keep your pet with you. So, discuss with your roommate if they are okay with a pet living in the room.

7- Set security arrangements

Usually, all the roommates have a key to the door lock, which is a good thing. But you have to make sure that locking the door and maybe windows at night before sleeping is well taken care of. The one who enters the last in the room should lock the door behind. Also, set a strategy on the safe exit of the room and the building in case of fire eruption.

8- Resolve conflicts and differences calmly

Individuals living in one place may develop differences which is a natural occurrence among people. Reasons for conflict vary from miscommunication to breaking limits. No matter the basis for a conflict, try not to take anything personally and be calm as much as possible. Resolve all the issues with patience and courtesy. Keep the communication open and do not escape from explaining things or reasons honestly.

9- Respect one another’s personal choices and opinions

Whether you are with your roommate or other occupants of the apartment, respect others’ personal choices in fashion, religion, politics, and food. The world is vast, and various options in everything are there to fit everyone’s likes and dislikes. Hence, you would create a tremendous social impact on everyone by keeping a broad mind and an open heart.

10- Do not show off or hurt others

All people do not have the same priorities or luxuries in life. So, if you can get luxury items or expensive food, do not show off. Don’t force your housemate to sound on items that you prefer having or using.Hurting others, though indirectly, damages your bond with them. People do not like to be around hurtful fellows. So, nurture positive feelings in the environment to make it a healthy place for everyone. Live and let live!

Source: roomdaddy.com

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