Legal regulations you should be aware of before moving into a shared accommodation

Q. Is it Legal to sublet the property in the UAE.
A. If the Landlord has granted his/her tenant the right to assign or sublet all or part of the leased premises in the contract, then the tenant can legally let the space keeping in view of other rules and regulation set forth by Dubai Authorities. However the sublet cannot exceed the expiration of the original tenancy contract.

Q. Can people of opposite sex stay together within one premises.
A. No. Its not allowed unless they are married or a family. However this practice being illegal under shariah Law, there is a common breach of this law and one should be careful before deciding to choose into mix gender accommodation. This is true for any kind of accommodation where be it a Shared Flat, Hotel or an Apartment.

Q. Is my premises subject to Overcrowding? How can I determine?
A. As per Dubai Municipality guideline the rule of 200 square feet per person applies. Which means that for a 1000 sqft apartment a maximum of 5 persons can stay in that premises. When looking for a space in shared accommodation use this guideline as a measure to safeguard that the owner is abiding by the rules set forth by Dubai Municipality guideline. Esepecially in posh areas such as JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Tower), JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residance), Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah. Barsha, Barsha Heights (formally known as Tecom) etc.


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