A step by Step guide to choose your ideal home

Q. How do I start my search for my ideal home?
A. When choosing a place, first thing to look for is the location. Either it should be close to your work place or your friends and family circle. If you don’t drive and rely on public transport make sure it’s close to Metro ideally within 10 minutes of walk or less.

Q. When I know where to live what to do next?
A. Congratulations you have done fifty percent of the work, now what you have to do is to set your monthly rent budget. Use the advance filters for your preference and see the property that matches your profile. We at roomdaddy.com has made the search criteria based on interviewing many candidates and shortlisted the most common items that matters the most.

Q. Should I visit the property or just book it online?
A. We strongly advise you to view the property prior to making any bookings, however if you are confident from the details after speaking to the property manager, you can make online booking. However we are currently making the online booking possible in the near future.

Q. Do I get to have a payment receipt from the property owner?
A. Usually the property owners of shared accommodation spaces, do not provide any written receipt and the person has to rely blindly on whom they make this payment. However the risk of being scammed can be limited by making sure with other occupants if the same person is the real owner/ manager. However if your property owner is using roomdaddy.com extranet you will get to have the online confirmation for all your payments given under your MyBooking’s tab once you sign-in from your login.

Q. I am on a visit visa can I still get into shared accommodation?
A. This totally depends on your property manager, if he/she would allow non-residents visitors to allow them to stay within their property. Most owners require your documents like Passport copy, visa page and Emirates ID in order to safeguard other tenants in case of any unforeseen event that might occur.

Q. What else do I need to know before deciding to live in a flat share?
A. You should make sure you know all the rule and terms and conditions set by the owner. Make sure that you know all the house rules, in order to avoid unnecessary disturbance due to un-matched living lifestyle. In terms and conditions pay attention to the procedure to serve notice to vacate, contact persons to deal after you move in, cleaning process, and if bills are inclusive and is there any agency commission. We at roomdaddy.com want to bring direct from owner properties so that the tenant does not have to pay agency commission and they pay for flexible monthly rent.

Q. I am looking for my own Studio apartment on monthly basis, can you help me with that?
A. We are bringing a huge inventory of holiday home service providers along with private property owners, to choose your ideal home. We hope to bring this product very soon on our platform for our clients to have a wider selection.


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