Dubai: According to a recent study, the new housing trend that dominates Dubai can be “co-living” especially for home-based professionals and business people.

To avoid confusion with shared rooms, the concept of co-living is relatively new in Dubai. It is symbolic of the residents of a small community that shares a common space, such as an office or business center.

By co-operating with small business owners and TV communications, they can access the workspace near the entrance and not rent an office or move to work.

This trend is starting to grow here and it will continue. Not only does it pay off, but it is also popular with millennial. They want to be part of the community and they have their own space.

Emerging Trend?

Projects like the Dubai Hills Estate (Mohammed bin Rashid City) Collective, Collective 2.0 and its societies are the highlights of the co-living sector.

UNA, developed by Soul Square in the city square, is also a joint venture with 192 studios and 764 one-bedroom apartments. At the same time, KOA’s Canvas project from the road of Muhammad bin Zayed has also been developed with the needs of millennial in mind.

How are the rents?

In Dubai there are several co-living projects which are going through the phase of construction, but these units, when ready, will be “probably economical to rent in comparison to a regular apartment.” This is a trend in the big cities where shared living spaces offer “considerable discounts” in comparison to regular apartments.

The concept of co-living

Co-living is not a new global concept; however, it is relatively new in Dubai.

These are usually spaces designed for young people with jobs giving them the option of working from a distant location, so the space they live in is also space where they can work, and socialize with likeminded people”.

The space in Dubai that formed in this area is located in the Dubai Hills Estate; the unit is smaller than a single bedroom and has a space that opens like a glass sliding door to close the bedroom from the living room.

“I’m not saying that co- living space will help you to save lots of money in comparison to renting apartments, especially considering that these buildings are new, but the convenience that you don’t have to go to the office every day  indeed saves cost and this trend is becoming more prevalent in Dubai, where demand and prices complement well.”


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