Dubai is the largest UAE city. Not only that, it is in first place on the list of travelers and job seekers because of the country’s wealth and spectacular and magnificent vibrant lifestyle. The country is famous for its structure and skyscrapers but accommodation is a huge portion of your cost of living. Residents finds it difficult to find their own living space due to various reasons, like flexibility of contracts, job insecurity, singing up lease cost, so people prefer to pay monthly rent on shared accomoddaitons, or  rooms for rent in Dubai.

However searching a Home stay requires a lot of effort to filter amongst your like minded people. And it take a while to finally shortlist a place which you can call it a home.


Step 1 –Ask your friends around

Ask for help. If you know someone in Dubai, or if your friend stays in a Flatshare in Dubai or has a friend who lives can give you good recommendations, you can rent for short or long term. This is an easy way to get started.

Step 2 – Using Housing Assistance

Use your company’s HR support. Most companies in Dubai either provide housing that is Furnished Apartments for Rent for their staff. Or else they have ties with various service providers, that can provide different types of accommodation services. From flatshare to fully furnished independent homes, and even Hotel rooms on corporate rates.  Ask around other employees you for further assistance information.

Step 3 – Get the Agent

Before you go to Dubai or when you are in Dubai, look for someone who can help you in this area, such as a real estate agent. He has the ability and knowledge of the availability of comfortable Room For Rent in Dubai.

Clearly convey where you want to live and what you like such as monthly parking spacesif you own a car make sure you reserve a place that can help you find a parking spot.Get the living guidelines for apartment norms, and regulations as well as rents and payment methods.

Step 4 – Prepare the down payment

Please be firm. Know what you want and how to achieve it. When you find a place that meets your budget and expectations, sign a lease and deposit money.  To find a room on rent in Dubai is hard. Before you go to the place, make sure you have a checkbook and letter from your company to double the chance that this apartment will be yours. Most houseshare require a mandatory security deposit but make sure the refund policy and when you will get the refund money back.

Step 5 – Prepare housing funds

Please have a checkbook or cash. When paying your housing rent, make sure you are paying the right person authorized to manage the property. There are many scammers which might land you in trouble so make sure this payment is going to the right person. If the deal is too good to be true it can be your luck but can also go against your favor. Many incidents have happened where the rightful owner is bypassed and someone can scam in the flatshare ecosystem. So making sure by asking other residents would a wise call.


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